Sunday, September 18, 2011


I did it!  My third 3 Day Walk!  60 miles through San Francisco, did you know that city is very hilly?  Oh, yes.  The route took us through the city, through Berkley & Oakland.  Then on the third we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Many of you don't know this but I am terrified of heights so this was actually a huge accomplishment for me.  Well, I held the hand rail the whole way and almost threw up at the end - but I did it.

Along the way I met so many caring people.  It's amazing to be part of a group of people like that, no one is mean!  I wish you could all experience it.  Every one helps each other, is friendly and even when exhausted will smile and crack a joke.  I also hear a lot of stories. But the best part was at the closing ceremonies when we heard that this particular event had raised almost $4 million to help fight the battle against breast cancer!  Then we raised our shoes to show the world that we would keep on walking, to do whatever it takes. I was in tears (honestly, I'm in tears now remembering it). If you ever get a chance to attend the closing ceremonies for one of the 3 Day walks you should go, it is amazing.