Friday, March 21, 2014

CET Designer Printing Tips

Printing the Architects drawing Grey in CET Designer

First day of spring and it's time to post a tip for my friends using Configura CET Designer. I've been doing loads on online and on-site training with CET users and haven't made time to post any tips.  So today, I'm making time.

I had a user ask me how to make the AutoCAD drawing print grey and the furniture print black.  In AutoCAD we had plot setting that we made to do this but CET Designer doesn't have an easy way.  (Yet. You've heard me say it - send it in as a Feature Request).

So here is the work around. Set all the layers of the AutoCAD drawing to grey.  Set up the viewport in Paperview.  Make a copy of it.  In one viewport turn on the furniture layers set it to print in Black and White.  In the copy turn on just the AutoCAD drawing set it to print in color. Move one on top of the other and you will be all set.

Here is a quick video on how to do it.

Hope this helps.  I always welcome challenges so if you are trying to do something in CET Designer or AutoCAD or CAP let me know.  

I hope it's spring where you are, we still have snow!