Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Configura CET Tip

Hello friends,
I haven't had much to share lately but today I want to tell you about a CET trick I discovered when I was testing.

Updating multiple alternatives at the same time
Lots of people ask me if they can make changes to all their alternative at once and I have always said no.  But I found a work around using Blocks.

See, a block is the same in all your alternatives, so if you make a block of your architecture you can update it in one and all the other alternative will also update.

Here are the steps:
  1. Draw your room in one of your alternatives.
  2. Select the whole room and right click to pick Make Block.
  3. Leave the Block dialog open and switch to another Alternative.
  4. Place the Block.

When you change the Block in any alternative they all will change.

You can do this with other things that are the same in all the alternatives as well, like accessories or even the workstations.

Hope this is something you can use!

Have a great day,