Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Change is in the air

It is time for me to start moving, in 6 months I'll walk my 60 miles in San Francisco but before that I'll walk many times that in training.  Although I exercise sporadically all the time, when I'm training I try to focus on increasing my endurance and calluses.  HA!

I also have to get my fundraising into gear. I've sent some emails and set up a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings but I think I need to be a little more proactive.  I'll be reminding people to donate, talking about how they can help and explaining how this walk is helping women all over the world.

So, it's time for change, I need to get out of my winter hibernation and move.

I also think it's time for change in my personal life.  I feel like my work needs to shift but I'm not sure what that looks like yet. I know there is something I'm seeking I'm just not sure exactly what it is yet.  When I figure it out I'll let you know.

Thanks for reading.


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