Thursday, April 25, 2013

Creating your own symbols in CET Designer or Non supported Symbols

I promised you I'd show more cool uses for the CET Designer Edit Graphics extension. Here is the second one.

Have you ever wanted to put something in your drawing that isn't supported by SmartTools, Canvas, or ProjectSymbols? I've come up with a method to create your own symbol by using ProjectSymbols and Edit Graphics.

You will need a couple things to do this procedure.
  • First you need to find a good 3D symbol either in AutoCAD or SketchUp.
  • Second you need to have a manufacturer other than Steelcase or Haworth installed in ProjectSymbols.
After that you are ready to go!

Here are the basic steps.  Watch the video to get the details.
  1. Import the AutoCAD or SketchUp symbol.
  2. Place a ProjectSpec Symbol that is about the same size as the one you are creating.
  3. Use Edit Graphics Replace Symbol to switch the PS Symbol to the new symbol.
  4. Use the Query command, Make Special to edit all the part info.
  5. Change the Install Text.
I also show you how to change the colors on the symbol.  :)

Let me know if this is helpful.

Thank you and have a great day!


Peter-the-QA-guy said...

Ecxellent video!
I love tips and tricks like this; using the existing tools to achieve cool effects, or getting what you want even if it is not yet in the program.

Jacques in NJ said...

Cool Cate! Been going a little crazy here with funky chairs...

Something to be aware of (since it slowed us down a bit), make sure that "Don't import 3D entities" is UNCHECKED in the Advanced Cad (dwg/dxf) options or you'll never get any CAD 3D to import.

Cate Sword said...

Good point!! Bet that took a bit to find. :)

Nicole said...

You are awesome!! Will be using this. Can't wait to see you next month in Tampa for our Advance Training!

Nicole Sison, Empire Office

Nicole said...

Hi Cate. Not sure you'll see this here before you come to Tampa, but thought I'd try. Looking forward to hosting you at Empire this coming week. My hubby works Wed and Thurs, so I have to go home to get my son, and I'm sure you're probably out of here pretty quickly after class Friday, but maybe we can get some dinner Tuesday after the beginner class? Let me know and I'll see if any of my coworkers would like to join us. Nicole

Anonymous said...

Ha! This is still a great video. As it is from quite a few years ago, if you work in Smart Tools, you may want to embed a custom picklist instead of manipulating the Project Symbols spec info from another graphic. This allows you to select a vendor from your Hedberg system and then add the spec info. This way will still work with Direct Link. Unfortunately, the method Cate is demonstrating here does not often work for Steelcase dealers. But the rest of this video is still valid.

I love Cate! CET Pioneer!